What if materials could defy gravity, so that we could leave them suspended in mid-air? ZeroN is a physical and digital interaction element that floats and moves in space by computer-controlled magnetic levitation. by Jinha Lee, in collaboration with Rehmi Post, and Hiroshi Ishii www.leejinha.com/zeron http://tangible.media.mit.edu

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Nononono Cat in Russia gets remixed by Jake Benson in New York: both autotuned and UNautotuned. This remix is great for people who like to No No No No. C

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Awesome server/hero Matt, Heimlich's the heck out of a choking customer and saves his life. Matt did his undergraduate work at UGA and is currently a graduate student at Georgia State University. He is looking for a position with an international nonprofit when he graduates in the summer of 2011

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Matthew Stibbe Inspired by Guy Kawasaki’s blog entry decided to analyse the behaviour of PR companies. Below are 10 most common lies you hear when you deal with them:

1. “I’ll get back to you later today” = I’ll wait until you nag me or I’m going to be distracted by the next person on the phone.

2. “I’m just having a bit of troubl

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