ack and Geoff take a look at the newest class-based shooter "Brink" from Bethesda. Check out some gameplay and a few of the cooler achievements.

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BioWare released a 16-minute whopper of a video at this year's PAX East, providing us with a detailed walkthrough of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Taral V Flashpoint.

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Choose your side and fight for the fate of the galaxy.

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This exclusive trailer reveals the Sanctuary faction in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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Lets write some history!

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In a second update to the Star Wars: The Old Republic site, devs have announced the release of a new trailer based on the upcoming Old Republic novel "Deceived" by Paul S. Kemp. The book is scheduled to hit store shelves on March 22nd but fans can whet their collective appetite with the trailer revealing a bit of history about Darth Malgus.

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If you’ve ever wondered just what GameSpy does when you see it installing with new games on your PC, news that the technology is used to power a selection of blockbuster online games in 2011 might make things a little clearer.

In fact, GameSpy Technology is the leader in connected game services, providing tools for game developers to take advantage of ric

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The Guild Xmas playlist: == PURCHASE THE MP3 @ AMAZON AND ITUNES! AMAZON MP3: ITUNES VIDEO: ITUNES MP3: Directed by: Jed Whedon Music by: Jed Whedon Lyrics by: Felicia Day Main Vocal: Felicia Day Rap: Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh Backup Vocals: Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon Director o

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