If you’ve ever wondered just what GameSpy does when you see it installing with new games on your PC, news that the technology is used to power a selection of blockbuster online games in 2011 might make things a little clearer.

In fact, GameSpy Technology is the leader in connected game services, providing tools for game developers to take advantage of rich content features from online commerce to deep stats tracking, whether the game is a top-rated console title or an indie hit. Over 1000 games have had their online experience managed by GameSpy, and the company naturally plans to expand on this over the next decade.

Upcoming games that feature GameSpy include Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders,  an amazing hybrid of action, adventure, role-playing and tower defense gameplay which takes advantage of GameSpy Technology’s cross-platform online multiplayer matchmaking and as well as deep player data tracking.

Meanwhile, EA’s two huge multi-platform shooters of 2011, Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm, also utilise GameSpy; Crysis 2 takes advantage of GameSpy Technology’s Direct2Game commerce service which allows developers Crytek to make post-release game content available quickly and easily to PC users while Bulletstorm uses GameSpy’s deep Player Metrics and Rankings services to track vast amounts of game stats on the PlayStation 3. This last metric allows immediate in-game feedback of a player’s hyperkinetic performance.

With more to come from GameSpy in future, you can be sure that not only is it watching you, it’s taking notes too…

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